Are you wondering what pet supplies you really need to provide your furry, feathered or scaly friends with a comfortable and happy life? If so, has got you covered. Here are the top ten pet supplies that may surprise you and make your life easier.

1. Heat lamp for reptiles

If you have a reptile in your home, heat lamps are essential for them to stay healthy and thrive in their environment. Reptiles cannot generate their own body heat like mammals can, and a heat lamp is necessary to provide them with the optimal temperature they need to live long and healthy lives.

2. Beard trimmer for birds

You may not know it but many bird owners use beard trimmers on their pets! It’s true—some birds may require regular trimming of their feathers so they don’t grow too long and get stuck together or tangled up. This helps keep them neat looking and more aerodynamic when flying around the house.

3. Insectivore diet

For insect-eating animals such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, lizards and chameleons, an insectivore diet is recommended! These diets usually consist of crickets, mealworms or wax worms (for larger species) which provide these animals with protein and other important nutrients needed for proper growth and development.

4. Calcium powder supplement

Calcium supplements are particularly important for certain pets such as tortoises, iguanas, bearded dragons, chameleons and others who need extra calcium to stay healthy due to their strict dietary requirements, including limited access to sunlight or natural sources of calcium from food such as insects or plant matter. A simple calcium powder supplement added to their food will ensure these animals get all the nutrients they need on a daily basis!

5. Puppy Pads

Puppy pads come in handy when potty training young puppies as they are specially designed to help absorb any messes quickly without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards! They also come in different sizes depending on the size of your puppy – perfect even for small breeds who may make less of a mess than larger dogs but still need some protection as they learn where not to pee during the early stages of training!

6. Cat Harnesses

Cat harnesses may seem odd at first, but they can be immensely helpful if your cat loves to spend time outdoors but needs to be supervised when doing so! Harnesses give cats more freedom than traditional leashes by allowing them to explore the outdoors without being restricted by a length of rope between them and their owner – and there are lots of cute designs available now so your kitty won’t feel embarrassed to wear one!

7. Aquarium Water Conditioner

Aquarium water conditioners are often overlooked, but are just as important as filter media when it comes to keeping fish healthy in an aquarium environment! Water conditioners remove chlorine from tap water, which can cause damage over time if left untreated, while also buffering pH levels to ensure that fin scales remain strong and resistant to disease-causing organisms lurking in the aquarium environment!

8. Self Cleaning Litter Trays

Self-cleaning litter trays can make cat ownership much easier, as instead of manually scooping out waste each day, these automated cleaning systems do all the work themselves, leaving fresh, clean litter ready to use after each cycle! Many models also feature adjustable timers, allowing users to adjust the frequency of cleaning to suit individual preferences – a great option for busy households that need something completely hands-off!

9 . Bird Perches

Birds love to perch high up, both indoors and outdoors, but most cages lack sturdy enough branches to give them a solid footing. Investing in quality bird perches made from natural materials such as pieces of natural wood that are drilled into walls and ceilings provides a safe place for birds to perch throughout the day. Plus some models come with suction cups for easy installation anywhere!

10 . Fish “tank mates

If solitary fish are lonely, consider adding a few tankmates to create a communal atmosphere within the tank environment – this way fish can interact, swim around, play games together and provide mental stimulation and entertainment every day! Just remember to choose wisely, choose compatible species, avoid aggressive behaviour, avoid fighting amongst the inhabitants – Holistapet offers great advice on choosing the right combination of fish to suit specific set up needs and ensure everyone gets on swimmingly.