Cosmetic treatments are gaining popularity with each passing day. People, who want a perfect appearance, are opting for different cosmetic treatments. You can change your whole look with these treatments. But the question is, are they safe? Do they have any hidden side effects? If you are eager to learn more about this, keep reading.

What are the side effects involved in cosmetic treatments?

When a cosmetic surgery is carried out, there are always some risks involved. The amount of risk depends on the respective treatment. That is why it is important for patients to have complete knowledge regarding the treatment before booking an appointment. Some of the common side effects of cosmetic treatments are listed below:

  • Blood loss

During any type of surgery, there is blood loss. So, if you are opting for invasive treatment, you are likely to expect some blood loss. But, if you have some severe health issues, you may lose a lot of blood, which is not good for your health. Your blood count and blood pressure will drop, which can be deadly if immediate measurements are not taken. 

  • Infection

Infection is one of the most familiar side effects of cosmetic treatments. To avoid infection, strict post-operative care is essential. In some cases, a small mistake causes infection and creates further complications. There are also chances of internal infections. These can even lead to loss of life.

  • Damaged nerve

After any cosmetic treatment, you may feel numbness and stinging sensation. These are normal, and they go away naturally. But, if you feel some serious issues and immobility, you must visit your surgeon. Most cosmetic treatments deal with your nerves. When proper care is not taken to reactivate the nerve and smoothen the blood flow, your nerve can get damaged permanently. 

  • Damaged organ

Some invasive cosmetic treatments can damage your organs. For example, during liposuction, the fat is sucked out of your body. It creates pressure on your other organs, which is quite traumatic. Moreover, for this, treatment punctures are made, which can damage internal organs. You may need additional surgeries to cure that.

  • Scars

Scars are common after invasive surgeries. If you had a tummy tuck, you would have some scars. Sometimes, these scars fade away with time. But if the scars are deep, they will last for a long time. It is particularly disturbing for people who want a flawless body. So, if you want to avoid such side effects, be sure to select a modern wellness center with the best surgeons. 

  • Dissatisfaction with appearance

Sometimes we have high and unrealistic expectations with cosmetic treatments. Yes, cosmetic surgeries can improve your look, but they can never make you an entirely different person. So, you must keep practical expectations from the surgery. If the surgery is ineffective, you are likely to suffer from dissatisfaction, disappointment, depression, and embarrassment. 

  • Anesthesia-related side effects

For any invasive cosmetic treatment, anesthesia will be used. Even local anesthesia has side effects. The patient can suffer from a heart attack, stroke, and lung infection in the worst cases. Though rare, some patients can even wake up during the surgery. Other than that, some common side effects of anesthesia are vomiting, nausea, shivering, and waking up disoriented.

  • Bruising

Bruising is another common side effect of cosmetic treatment. When your body does not take the treatment smoothly, different side effects can occur. Bruising is one of them. Most of the time, they heal naturally. But if you feel severe pain for days, you must see a doctor. 

  • Seroma

During this condition, the serum of your body flows under your surface skin. It causes pain and swelling. Seroma mainly occurs after tummy tucking surgery. The worst part about this side effect is, seroma can get infected. So, the surgeon has to drain it with a needle.

  • Blood clotting

Blood clotting is another serious side effect of cosmetic treatment. After some treatments, our smooth blood flow gets disrupted. It causes blood clotting inside our veins. Mostly, it affects our legs. When this clotted blood breaks and reaches our lungs, we suffer from pulmonary embolism.

  • Muscle pain and stiffness

Muscle stiffness and pain are very common after any surgery. Most cosmetic surgeries involve muscle stimulation. When the treatment is not done properly, your muscles get hurt. It causes muscle pain and stiffness. You feel that the pain goes away after one or two days. If you are feeling this for a week, you should visit a doctor.


These are some of the common side effects of cosmetic surgery. If you want to look flawless, you have to take some risks. But, you must consult  your health specialist before making any decision. The risk factors also depend on individual health and medical background. Only after understanding everything, if you are willing to take the risk, book an appointment.