If you are one of those who hide your legs for fear that you see the veins, we give you the solution to stop worrying about this issue and return to show off your legs. Discover how to reduce the veins or even eliminate them for good.

The sun, better first thing in the morning

Sunbathing is good because you synthesize vitamin D, which stimulates circulation, but the heat has the opposite effect. So in summer, sunbathe first or last thing in the morning. And if you are in the sun, soak your legs to keep them cool.

Take evening primrose pearls

Blue veins are one of the first signs of a circulatory problem. To prevent them from getting worse, you can take evening primrose pearls if your doctor considers it appropriate. They contain gamma linolenic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Yes to grape seeds

Grape seeds are high in flavonoids and antioxidants, which strengthen the walls of your veins and will improve your blood flow. You can take them as fresh fruit or in pill form as a dietary supplement.

Beware of impact sports

It has always been said that you should avoid sports that involve an impact of the foot against the ground (running, steps, tennis, basketball …) because they hinder the return of blood to the heart, favoring that it remains stagnant and begin to stand out the veins of the legs. 

However, there are some experts who do not believe that they should be avoided because it depends on other factors. Discover more myths about varicose veins and circulation.

Moisturizing cream, to the fridge

With the cold cream doing an upward massage, you will see how you feel much fresher and relieved to stimulate the return circulation. You can also use cold gels, which have the same effect but are enhanced by their ingredients.

Go for the wheat germ

Wheat germ improves your circulation and blood pressure because it is rich in potassium. It also helps eliminate fluids and prevents flaccidity.

Try seaweed

Many people are put off by its taste, but seaweed contains vitamin K, which makes the blood more fluid. Also, calcium is responsible for the elimination of liquids along with potassium. Find out which foods give or rob you of calcium that you may not have known about!

Dare with spicy foods

In moderation, since taking it in excess can damage your stomach. But capsaicin, the substance that makes your tongue burn when you eat spicy food, fights inflammation of the arteries. In addition, spicy spices contain vitamins A and C, which help strengthen the walls of your blood vessels.

Conceal them with a couple of tricks

You can use leg makeup that washes off in the shower to conceal them. They are easy to apply and are usually sprayed on. In summer, the tan itself helps to camouflage them. 

Heavy legs? Varicose veins? Find out all about them

Summer heat favors vasodilation, so heavy legs, swelling, or varicose veins are more common than we think. Discover all the tricks to keep your legs light and in shape even in summer.

In summer we all like to show off beautiful, tanned legs, but many of us hide our legs behind a skirt or long pants to prevent the dreaded veins from appearing. Also known as vascular varicose veins, these are dilations of the minor capillaries and superficial vessels. Their appearance does not usually cause pain and they are often associated with varicose veins.


There are many possible causes for the appearance of small veins, but the main one is genetic. Also a sudden increase in breast size, a recent pregnancy, or a change in lifestyle can be triggered for their appearance. The variation in hormone levels during pregnancy can hinder proper blood circulation and contribute to the development of unwanted veins.

Some people are also forced to stand or sit for long periods of time, which increases the pressure on the walls of their veins and, consequently, the appearance of these signs.

Another important factor, which should be taken into account especially now in summer, is that excessive sun exposure can contribute to the problem, as well as chronic constipation or certain medications. On the other hand, the use of very tight clothing and high heels favor their appearance.


  • Pharmacological. Phlebotonic anti-varicose medications can help tone the walls of your veins and improve your circulation, but they do not prevent the subsequent appearance of varicose veins. They must be prescribed by a physician.
  • Sclerotherapy. It consists of injecting a substance into the varicose veins that cause them to be reabsorbed without the need to remove them. It is an outpatient procedure and recovery is quick, but may require several sessions.
  • Percutaneous laser. This laser is applied from the outside and penetrates through the skin to eliminate the small veins. It is a simple technique but is not usually recommended if you have poor scarring.
  • Laser + foams. They are also treated by injecting photosensitizing polidocanol foams and with a dynamic laser that heats them and then coagulates them.