It’s clear that for sustained fat loss, training is necessary. A diet alone is not a viable option because it will destroy your muscles as much as it burns fat and do great damage to your metabolism. Training to build more muscle, on the other hand, will improve your metabolism and keep burning fat during workout and rest with fair caloric intake.

But not all training methods are equal and while most workout routines will give you the desired result eventually, there’s nothing like giant sets to make it faster. If you want a training protocol that amps up your metabolic rate and burns fat in the fastest way, this has to be it.

Giant sets are four or more exercises done subsequently without rest. The exercises can target complementing, opposing or different muscle groups. The key here is that they increase workout intensity as high as possible and involve a lot more muscle fibers than any other technique as a result.

Bodyweight Training

While giant sets are used by seasoned bodybuilders mainly as a tool to change things up and break the plateaus, it’s generally advised against beginner giant set use, especially when heavy weights are involved because it can quickly lead to over-training.

But even if you’re not a seasoned bodybuilder, there’s still a lot of benefits of doing lighter bodyweight giant sets now and again (every few weeks). First of all, you get the fat burning and muscle breaking intensity in a shortest workout possible. Secondly, you can see it as a challenge and a milestone for your fitness goals.

The Giant Set

So now that we’ve established the benefits, let’s create a giant set of bodyweight exercises for a full body workout (most effective to burn fat). We’ll use the fundamental exercises for the chest, arms, back, core and legs:

  • Push-ups – 6×15
  • 6×15 Squats – 6×15
  • 6×15 Inverted rows – 6×15
  • 6×15 Sit-ups – 6×15

So you’ll be doing 15 reps of push-ups, squats, inverted rows and sit-ups, in this particular order. You’ll do 6 sets with minimal rest, which makes 360 reps in total.

Depending on your fitness level, you might be able to complete this workout in 5 to 20 minutes. Try to go as fast as you can but keep the form of each exercise correct. This makes a great challenge and a fun way to test yourself against time once every few weeks. It will be a good shocker to your muscles and a great metabolic booster too.

Consider adding this or other giant sets to your workouts to keep challenging your muscles in new ways. That’s the only way to sustained fitness. If this routine becomes too easy for you, feel free to add weights, or replace the inverted rows with pull-ups or chin-ups.