As a tennis elbow sufferer, you have to be very particular with the tennis elbow products being offered in the market today. There are certain things that you need to know. First, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for a quick fix. Second, you don’t deserve to suffer for a long period of time. Third, you don’t need products can provide relief but may cause more damage to your health. Fourth, you have to face the truth that some products are to be paired with great consideration in order to achieve good results. And most importantly, the best things in life are free.

There are plenty of tennis elbow products in the market covering the field of contemporary medicine, the field of sports, the field of herbal treatment, the field of Oriental medicine, the field of therapeutic treatment, and so on. There’s a long list of them offering aid to your injury but you can have five of the products that stand out from them.

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a very common injury among racquet players, manual laborers and any other individual. This is dominant among people in their 40s and 50s. This injury involves multiple extensor muscles that stems together from the outer part of the elbow where they are either inflamed or degraded. It is regarded that this is due to overexertion, repetition of movements and too much muscle stress.

You may have this injury if you can feel pain on the outside part of the elbow that often radiates down the forearm, pain when you try to flex or straighten your arm, and pain when you grip, twist, lift or grasp something. There are plenty of different treatments and you’ll never run out of it. But the point is not about the availability of the treatment but with actuality of the cure. Here are five of the products that may be useful for you and have been proven to be useful in treating tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow brace or straps. This is a useful tool to protect your elbow from further injury and to help your elbow as it heals. This will ensure that your muscles are not going to be stressed and that your blood flows evenly, hence, promotes healing.

Ice packs or heat packs. The use of ice packs and heat packs are very useful in relieving the inflammation of the muscles. This will help your ease the situation by keeping down the pain and avoid swelling. Fortunately, you can just simply use an ice wrapped in a towel to apply on your injured arm because we are basically after the cold that ice packs can provide. As for the heat packs, you can just simple use warm baked potatoes to apply on the affected area. You have to note down, though, that the application must not exceed 20 minutes to avoid further injury.

Fish and Celery. You need to include eating fish and drinking celery extracts in your diet. Celery can be extracted through boiling. Taking five drops of celery before each meal may help reduce the pain that you are experiencing due to the injury. Taking in Omega 3 fatty acids are very relevant and fish are rich with them so there’s no reason for not to think of eating fish in the next meal time.

Rubber band. Yes, you read it correctly. The use of rubber band to strengthen the muscles in your wrist is very helpful. Just place a rubber band around all of your fingers and practice opening your fingers against it. You can these two times a day.

Stress ball or tennis ball. That little stress ball is not just effective to relieve your stress but it is a very useful tool to strengthen the muscles in your arms to prevent injuries. Just hold a stress ball, or a tennis ball, for about three seconds before releasing. Repeat this until the muscle tire and do this twice a day.

These tennis elbow products may not be the ones you expected but they are the ones that are effective for that bothersome pain in your elbow.